Worble X Gnu

Worble x Gnu collab group photo at Bear Mountain
Worble x Gnu at Bear Mountain

Welcome to Worble x Gnu. A special skate / snow / sled / hard hat / mustached / great vibes project between kindred Vermont spirits. Forest Bailey grew up skating and snowboarding in Vermont and inevitably ran into the Mull family and friends (aka Worble) ripping and expressing creativity on boards and beyond. Bailey brought his skateboarding to the snow and became one of the world’s best skate influenced snowboarders as well as a talented artist. The Mulls brought their whole Worble scene out west and released some of the most influential, jaw dropping, smile inducing skate videos of all time. Now Worble is a full on skate brand and have recently linked back up with Forest on skateboard art which in turn opened the door for this here magical collaboration. Worble’s unique blend of skate hammers, physical comedy, family atmosphere and general celebration of the freestyle life is similar to the dream Gnu was founded on and still operates under to this day; have fun with your friends, get rad, get weird, create.

Forest and Peter Cerulo met up with a menagerie of Worblers for a classic Bear Mountain weekend of packed park laps and Manramp fueled hilarity. Featuring the ramp himself plus Worble’s pro skaters Chris “Cookie” Colbourn and Steve Mull as well as a deep bench including Dave Mull, Eunice, Janthavy Norton, Stan and more. Tom Mull did the lens work and the edit to the groovy _____ track. Dreams do come true.

Forest nose grab tail tap Manramp
Forest nose grab tail tap Manramp

Worble x Gnu Bear Mountain Zimmerman Gallery

Mervin Made Gnu x Worble Snowboards
Mervin Made beauties

The Head Space Worble Edition

The Headspace Worble Edition by Forest Bailey features brand new Forest art on a directional twin Head Space chassis, the first non-asym Head Space. A proven street, park and Manramp slayer the Worble Edition rips any freestyle situation you might encounter at your home resort or out there with the crew. Magne-Traction® edge control works way better than any toboggan on the market, fast growing FSC certified eco core leaves more trees in the world to tail drop off of, a sintered eco sublimated base withstands ample helmet bonks and the bright red top goes great with workwear and mustaches!

Worble x Gnu collab snowboard
  • • Forest x The Worble special limited edition Headspace
  • • Skate influenced urban freestyle focused resort ATV
  • • Amazing Bailey art and shape meets the Mulls and Man Ramp!

The Worble x Forest Bailey Skate board

Worble x Forest Bailey Skateboard

And you know there’s a skateboard to go with the collab! Gnu x Worble 8.5″ deck coming soon to theworble.com!!!

Worble x Forest Bailey skateboard
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