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Forest switch slider in a snowy Seattle.

Welcome to Gnu x Forest Bailey a 10+ year partnership of artistic harmony, next level freestyle snowboarding and industry leading product design. Forest is one of the if not THE most well rounded snowboarder’s alive proving himself in vids, mags and contests year in year out. From streets to parks to pipes to pillows and monster backcountry jumps 4 has done and continues to do it ALL. Forest and the Gnu Weird Scientists have worked painstakingly on the boards that keep him doing at the level he wants done and his new 22/23 collection is the most dialed ever.

A boy and his board.
The Head Space by Forest Bailey

The Head Space by Forest Bailey
The Head Space continues Forest Bailey’s legacy of street style freestyle on any terrain. Featuring a cambered C3 chassis with intuitive asymmetry built into the blunt shapes and subtle adjustments to the heel edge sidecut and core profile. The Head Space is tough as nails, stable yet responsive and fun. Forest brings the love with the original art; you gotta have some love when you’re at war in these streets!

Forest jammin’ on his Gnu Head Space
The 4×4 by Forest Bailey

The 4×4 by Forest Bailey
Forest Bailey is a complete rider…his skateboard roots put him in the streets, his mastery of east coast ice makes him an amazing carver and his love of all things wild put him in the big mountains. Enter the 4×4 a well rounded street masters aggressive all mountain and aerial assault stick. Forest leans on this thing hard on bigger jumps, half pipes, bank slalom and any backcountry mission. A decade of board design experience and experiments went into this magical floaty nosed, zero taper angle, freestyle focused directional ATV. An ultra clean between the binding art by Forest seals the deal. Jump in the 4×4 next to Neo and Forest, there’s plenty of room to rip!

Forest fully tweaked on his Gnu 4×4
The Worble on the scene at Bear Mountain.
The Gnu x Worble Head Space by Forest Bailey

The Gnu x Worble Head Space by Forest Bailey
Worble x Gnu. A special skate / snow / sled / hard hat / mustached / great vibes project between kindred Vermont spirits. Forest Bailey grew up skating and snowboarding in Vermont and inevitably ran into the Mull family and friends (aka Worble) ripping and expressing creativity on boards and beyond. Bailey brought his skateboarding to the snow and became one of the world’s best skate influenced snowboarders as well as a talented artist. The Mulls brought their whole Worble scene out west and released some of the most influential, jaw dropping, smile inducing skate videos of all time. Now Worble is a full on skate brand and have recently linked back up with Forest on skateboard art which in turn opened the door for this here magical collaboration. Worble’s unique blend of skate hammers, physical comedy, family atmosphere and general celebration of the freestyle life is similar to the dream Gnu was founded on and still operates under to this day; have fun with your friends, get rad, get weird, create.

The Gnu x Worble Head Space by Forest Bailey is a special edition non asymmetric Head Space with an amazing one of a kind Forest graphic.

Forest amongst the Worble at Bear Mtn.

GNU Headspace
BMBW Axtion Forest Bailey

BMBW Axtion Forest Bailey
Forest Bailey is an all terrain at all times type rider who needs a no nonsense high performing binding whether he’s starring down a double kink or a double cork. That’s why he chose Bent Metal Binding Works’ AXTION for his pro model featuring the responsive dual band (dyadic construction) ankle strap, super comfy grip form toe strap, uni-body nylon chassis and a solid asymmetric high back for increased rigidity. Add Forest’s original art to the mix and you’re looking good and riding great with top to bottom performance all day long.

Axtion Driveplate art by Forest Bailey
Forest front boards the bar with an eye on the ‘crete.
Essential Service
Essential Service

Essential Service
We enlisted Forest’s design savy to bring to life this year’s Essential Service. The Essential Service is ridiculously fun all mountain performer and Forest did a ridiculously dope graphic for it! This board also raises money for an amazing Seattle based organization The Service Board the uses snowboarding and mentorship to empower young people. It’s a go!

Forest clears the weird at Snoqualmie

Gnu x Forest Bailey Legacy
We’ve had the pleasure of working with this particular weird, wild magician since he was 17 years old. Forest caught the eye of former Team Manager Zack Leach by winning every East Coast rail jam he could get to. His skill was apparent and his creativity was bubbling over. It was a match made in Vermont and then shipped out to our little NW corner to begin a radical legacy of amazing pro model sticks and sick rips. Thanks Forest for all you’ve brought to Gnu!

11 years of GNU designs by Forest Bailey

Thank you Gnu for letting me follow my dreams and fulfill all my creative passions on and off my snowboard. 12 years of pro models in the books and hopefully many more to come. Forever grateful. Much love all.

– Forest Bailey

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