Welcome To Gnu Country!

Gnu Country, where the boards are hand built in the USA, zero hazardous waste with smooth rich flavors of asymmetry and edges that turn ice into powder. Where there’s always fresh snow in the mountains, fresh fungi in the forest, fresh ideas on the factory floor and fresh tricks on film. Gnu Country, a veritable cornucopia of creativity where the boards are strong and the methods good looking…

We build our own damn boards in Washington State at the world’s most environmentally friendly board building facility. We are pow-ered by over 90% renewable energy, carefully manage our materials and process to minimize environmental impact and maximize the stoke.

Gnu founder Mike Olson with an OG Gnu 5 fin.

The Gnu human machine has been creating radical rideable art and zero hazardous waste for four Joyous Decades. Check out the 23/24 collection from Gnus; Forest, Jamie, Blake, Naima, Max, Barrett, Temple, Cannon and our in house free radicals.

In Gnu Country the jumps keep an eye out for you…Naima tweaking the Velvet on another perfect Gnu Country day.

What happens in Gnu Country doesn’t stay in Gnu Country…
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