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Free Spirit

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Jamie is constantly expanding her horizons in life and snowboarding. Her Free Spirit model is the go-to when the contests are won and good times in good conditions are priority number one. A directional floaty nose and solid width underfoot makes riding in powder effortless. Short contacts, a deep sidecut and a turned up tail make this ideal for tight trees and carving freestyle fun. Take enlightened flight with Jamie’s environmentally friendly Free Spirit. *BASES COME IN RANDOM ASSORTED COLORWAYS

Art: Kris Kupskay @kups_paint

• Jamie’s naturally high performing recycled sidewalls, eco sublimated bio beans top and bio fiber dampener
• As uninhibited as Jamie, the Free Spirit takes on the mountain with confidence Eco construction, advanced performance with Zero Hazardous Waste
• Art by Kris Kupskay eco sublimated on clear topsheet offering subtle hints of sustainably harvested wood core to shine through

Weird Science

GNU Free Spirit Rider Scale
GNU Magne-Traction Technology
GNU C3 Technology
GNU Unreal G3 Eco Construction

Board Specs

Size (cm) Contact
Length (cm)
Cut (m)
Nose / Tail
Width (cm)
Width (cm)
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
143 92 6 30.6 / 28.9 25.5 19.24"-24" / 3" 6.5 80-170
148 97 6 31.7 / 29.9 26.3 19.24"-24" / 3" 7 100-220
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