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GNU B-Pro Splits

Girls love pow. Girls have been asking for split boards in their sizes for years and Gnu is proud to present the B-Pro splits for 2012/13. You no longer have to hop on your boyfriend’s splits, you are now empowered by the B-Pro magic to get to all those runs you’ve been looking at and dreaming about but just couldn’t bring yourself to post-hole there. These are designed to take you where you want to go with ease. It’s like instant access to your favorite clubs, with your favorite friends, wearing your favorite shoes, and getting there in your favorite ride. C2BTX, LCP and Magne-Traction keep the split version of the B-Pro riding like the classic model. It doesn’t get better than VIP access on the B-Pro splits!

Gnu Girls Snowboards

True GNU
From the beginning Gnu has focused on working with the world’s best female riders to create snowboards that make every day on edge a magical experience. From 80’s World Champion Amy Howat and 90’s X Games and US Open champion Barrett Christy to current u-ditch champion Kaitlyn Farrington, Gnu ladies have amassed more awards and podium appearances than any other woman’s snowboard brand over the past three decades.

A family affair, Barrett Christy now oversees the Gnu Girls Division, working closely with the team riders to give our designers and machinists unmatched insight into the subtle nuances that transform women’s snowboards from functional to fantasy.

GNU Snowboards.
Let’s make magic.

Curious Questions and Answers

I’ve grown up with Gnu.  Well, maybe my age already defined me as a grown up when I started snowboarding, but I don’t think I qualified in many other ways.  I started riding Lib boards in 1993, and from there began my relationship and “pro career” with Gnu.

The details and timelines are a little foggy now, but Mervin definitely shaped my snowboarding and my life from that point on.  Gnu introduced me to the future, and what was possible with a good snowboard, good people, and a sense of humor.  My first pro-model was released in 95/96 and although Gnu had been designing boards to fit their female riders for years, it was one of the first women’s signature models in snowboarding.

I am extremely fortunate to have had a sponsor back me throughout my different shred phases, and to have had the opportunity to develop the Gnu girls program from the beginning.  Along the way, I’ve met many girls and women who have inspired me and contributed to snowboarding in their own ways.  This line is dedicated to their unique qualities, skills, attitudes, and styles.

Gnu girls continues to stand out among other women’s brands because we have Mervin technology and quality to lean on, but we also have a solid team of riders and believers, the kind of girls that inspire creativity, fun and all different kinds of magic!