Gnu Team Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey

Artisanal Snowboard Culture Creator

Gnu Team Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Dreams Big. Goes Bigger

Gnu Team Blake Paul

Blake Paul

He Makes it Look Good

Gnu Team Max Warbington

Max Warbington

WARBOSS. Nuff Said

Gnu Team Kaitlynn Farrington

Kaitlyn Farrington

A Challenge? She's on it

Gnu Team Temple Cummins

Temple Cummins

Snowboarding's Slurpee Fountain of Youth

Gnu Team Barrett Christy

Barrett Christy

BPRO Best B4. BPRO Best Now

Jacob Krugmire

Jacob Krugmire

Something About This Kid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gnu Team Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez

Style You Can't Teach

Gnu Team Gus Warbington

Gus Warbington

Snowboarding's Guide to Unreality

Gnu Team Jacque Lammert

Jacque Lammert

However Many it Takes For a Make

Gnu Team Naima Antolin

Naima Antolin

Smile. Snowboard. Repeat

Gnu Team Cooper Whittier

Cooper Whittier

DUSTBOX is the Future

Gnu Team Robby Meehan

Robby Meehan

Careful, Kid Goes Gorilla

Gnu Team Isabella Gomez

Isabella Gomez

Heiress to Snowboarding's Unreality

Gnu Team Peter Cerulo

Peter Cerulo

Dang! How'd He do That?

GNU Team Masto Toda

Masto Toda

Toda-lly smooth. Toda-lly Unreal Snowboarding

Nate Carroll, Dusty Miller, Max Tokunaga, Cody Warble, Annika Morgan, Dylan Okurowski, Sean Fitzsimmons, Sandra Hillen, Lily Calabrese, Katie Kennedy, Addie Gardner