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Blake Paul

Blake has style and poise beyond his years.  Representing the next generation of Jackson Hole talent Blake smoothly handles any situation board world throws his way.  Criss crossing the country and the globe, bumping top 10 radio hits and broadway show tunes, Blake went from Chile to China and still got back in time for the Dirksen Derby, some Park City laps and a camping trip with Guch. Now the surfs up in Cali and he would, for sure.

Name: Blake Paul
Age: 19
Location: Jackson hole
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Cats name: Gilbert
Gear Setup: Dragon, The North Face, and GNU keep me equipped.

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Of Life and Love: Blake Paul

Blake’s full part from Of Life and Love” is up on snowboardermag.com From Jackson to Zhong Guo the kid can ride. Backside 7 at the end is a thing of pure beauty. Check it!

Blake Paul’s Full Part

Watch Blake’s compiled footage from Manifest.

Curious Questions and Answers

I know you go on a lot of TRIPS, but what was your favorite TRIP this winter?
Going to China was awesome, it’s sweet to use your snowboard as a tool to travel to crazy places, even if your not searching for the best terrain and pow.

Do you like to get weird, if so why and what do you do, if not why not?
Course I like too get weird, whether it’s on board bashing around the hill or off the board hanging out with the homies.

What terrain is your preferred? I like sand boarding myself.
I’m down with all kinds of terrain but powder powdering is most fun.

Whats an average day in your life right now?
Right now I’m out visiting my family on a lake in the east coast. Lots of fishin, golfing, swimming, canoeing, beer. Great times!


What does Gnu mean to you?
Great Nights Underwater

Besides Shredding, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy canoeing on fool moons. You? 
I like skating a ton in the summer, surfing when I get the chance. Just trying to have as much fun as possible no matter whats going down.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
Some tunes in the a.m.

Favorite Gnu Board? and why?
The Riders Choice! Cause it’s loose and forgiving, but its still got that pop and isn’t gonna loop out in the chunder.

Currently listening to?
Future islands

Currently looking at?
A lake

Favorite website or blog? are you in INSTA-WEIRD, whats your user name?
@blakepaul anything “lick the cat” is internet gold. Find it on Vimeo.

To all you guys! Pinski for believing in the boy band and all my supporters. GET BARRELED!