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Danyale Patterson

Sign: Virgo
Home: Anchorage AK
Boards in your Quiver: B-Street
Goofy/Reg: Goofy duh

The B-street is the perfect board for rails. It has Magne-Traction so you can dull the edges down and still be able to hold an edge. It is the perfect amount of flex and it doesn’t turn into a noodle within the first couple weeks like other rail boards. It always has the best graphic! and this goes for all GNUs but for some reason its base is way faster than all my friends boards. Seriously though, ALWAYS!!

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Too Hard presents Sweden Yo!

Too Hard: Park Sace

The Jibgurlz get sick wid it at Park $ace,

featuring some fresh jibbin by:
Danyale Patterson
Fancy Rutherford
Corinne Pasela

Danyale Patterson
Brendan Gerard
Max Senger
Kieth Rutherford

Edited by:
Danyale Patterson

Danyale Patterson - 2013 Still Hard Full Part

Re-edit of Danyale Patterson in Still Hard.

Still Hard - Full Movie

The ladies that brought you Too Hard are back with their 2013 full movie, Still Hard. Featuring Alexa McCarty, Vanessa Moore, Taylor Elliot, Marie-Andree Racine, Rachida Aoulad, Laura Rogoski, Riley Elliot, Kumar Kelley, Mary Luggen, Joelle Juchi, Fancy Rutherford, Danyale Patterson, Desiree Melancon, Erin Comstock, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Corinne Pasela, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, and Madison Blackley.

Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack "Guest Appearances" Teaser

We decided to make this “Guest Appearances” teaser to show the epic crew of late entries and cameos lined up for “Brain Dead Heart Attack”. All sorts of characters, from new riders on the come up to dudes who were there since before day one, joined up with the Think Thank crew this winter to help make our 10th video the best yet. Thanks brains!

Brain Dead Heart Attack; mind numbing heart stopping freestyle snowboarding.


H▲rd c0r3!!

Curious Questions and Answers

What boards in the line do you mostly ride and why?
I ride the B-street 145. It has Magne-Traction so I can dull down the edges and still hold an edge. It’s banana but it’s not too noodly.

Tell me about a day you had on your B-Street?
Earlier this season I was at a spot with a bunch of girls. I went to get food so they were riding for an hour before I even got there. All the girls said the spot wasn’t doable because there was no speed. I told them they were crazy and dropped in. I got more than enough speed my first drop. I accredit this mostly to my snowboard (gnu’s have the fastest bases) and a little to my PMA. My point is, GNU snowboards rule.

Highlights from last season?
Riding park city.

What kind of magic is the upcoming 13/14 season going to hold for you?
Haha who knows.

Mervin Mfg. is based in the USA and all our boards are hand-built in the NW by humans. Can you feel the love and personal attention radiating from each of your boards?
I srsly can. I know that mervin cares and puts time into figuring out how to make the best boards in the most eco friendly way that they can. I feel like they put more effort into there boards than any other company.

How important is the planet earth to you?  Do you notice the earth is kinder to you when you are riding boards made with an environmental conscious with industry leading environmentally friendly building practices?
Haha. idk. But I do back being environmentally friendly and I know mervin is <3

There is a little weird, wild, and magic in all of us.  Tell me what makes you:
Weird: I have a different hair color each week.
Wild: I snowboard on fast sometimes.
Magic: I can make myself invisible when no one is looking at me.

What are you doing when you aren’t snowboarding?
Online shopping but never buying anything.

If you had a magic wand (Not the popular vibrator model, but the fairy princess kind) , what would you ask it for?
Skateboarding skills. It looks really fun to be good at skateboarding.

Any sponsors, causes, projects you are involved in that you want to share with our world wide web audience?
Hard the snowboard movie.