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  • Kaitlyn Farrington
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Womens Pro Team

Kaitlyn Farrington

Astro Sign: Sagittarius
Home: Baldy Mountain and now Salt Lake City
Goofy/Reg?: Goofy
Boards in your quiver: B-Pro’s
Stance: 21″ / -9 ̊ Back / 15 ̊ Front

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Weird Cinema

There is Gold on Mt Weird!

Congratulations to GNU Girls Kaitlyn Farrington & Jamie Anderson for their incredible Gold Medal Olympic performances!

Sochi Studio - Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington

Kaitlyn Farrington had shown over the past few years that she was a consistent threat to be on the podium in any halfpipe contest she entered…but the Olympics aren’t just any contest. With U.S. teammates Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter bringing Olympic Gold to Sochi, Farrington was able to stay under the radar during the qualifying process and on game day. Farrington is under the radar no more…winning an Olympic Gold Medal will do that to you.

Kaitlyn dropped by the Sochi Studio to let us ride along on her Olympic adventure.

– via USSANetwork

Kaitlyn Farrington Winning Run - Dew Tour Women's Snowboard Superpipe

Check out Kaitlyn Farrington’s winning run during the women’s superpipe final at the Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Kaitlyn Farrington US Open 2013 Run

Congrats to Kaitlyn Farrington for her 4th place finish at the US Open superpipe finals! Kaitlyn rode great on her C3 B-Pro and put together a really solid run. Kaitlyn was the only women landing back to back 9’s and she even got a bs 10 in on her last hit… One of the first women to throw one in competition!  Kaitlyn has by far the most technical combo’s in the women’s field and she is so much fun to watch!  Check out her run…

GNU Kaitlyn Farrington Stops by the Mervin Factory

Gnu Girls Snowboards 12/13

True GNU
From the beginning Gnu has focused on working with the world’s best female riders to create snowboards that make every day on edge a magical experience. From 80’s World Champion Amy Howat and 90’s X Games and US Open champion Barrett Christy to current u-ditch champion Kaitlyn Farrington, Gnu ladies have amassed more awards and podium appearances than any other woman’s snowboard brand over the past three decades.

A family affair, Barrett Christy now oversee’s the Gnu Girls Division, working closely with the team riders to give our designers and machinists unmatched insight into the subtle nuances that transform women’s snowboards from functional to fantasy.

GNU Snowboards.
Let’s make magic.

Music by – Wet Wetsuit

Curious Questions and Answers

What boards/bindings in the line do you mostly ride and why?
I ride the B-Pro board and the B-Free bindings… What I love about my B-Pro is that I can ride it in any terrain halfpipe, jumps, rails, and powder its a board that I feel comfortable on it no matter what!

Tell me about a day you had on your B-Pro. Highlights from last season?
This season I was getting ready to go out to CO for a couple weeks and the night before I left it dumped snow. So I decided to go to Brighton for a few hours and ride before I drove 7 hours out to CO. Turns out Brighton had gotten over a foot of snow that day and I promised myself I would leave around 11… that didn’t exactly happen.  I ended up riding till about 2 pm on my B-Pro and then realized what time it was and forced myself off the mountain.  Was one of my best powder days of this year theme of the day was “tits deep”!

Highlights from last season?
Dew Tour Champion 2012,  3rd Park City World Cup

What kind of magic is the upcoming 13/14 season going to hold for you?
I hope my trusty Unicorn can get me on some podiums so that I can hopefully make the US Olympic Team.  This winter I will be competing in all the Olympic qualifiers hoping to earn my spot on the team.

Mervin Mfg. is based in the USA and all our boards are hand-built in the NW by humans. Can you feel the love and personal attention radiating from each of your boards?
I defiantly can feel the LOVE!  If I ever need new boards I can call and I’ll get them within days with a note from some guy in shipping that says ” Call me sometime” with a number on it. HAHA It cracks me up every time.  Also just being able to go into the factory and make snowboards is an awesome experience not everybody can say they’ve made their own snowboards!

How important is the planet earth to you?  Do you notice the earth is kinder to you when you are riding boards made with an environmental conscious with industry leading environmentally friendly building practices?
The earth is very important to me, if its not taken care of I will lose what I love the most, SNOW!

There is a little weird, wild, and magic in all of us.  Tell me what makes you:
Weird: To be honest I think I’m completely normal…ha :)
Wild: I love to have a good time weather its during the daytime being with friends or staying out all night gallivanting!
Magic: The way I can tame my wild cat Zilla aka the devil cat!

What are you doing when you aren’t snowboarding?
When Im not snowboarding I am usually around in Salt Lake City hanging out with my friends but lets be honest that rarely happens!

If you had a magic wand (Not the popular vibrator model, but the fairy princess kind) , what would you ask it for?
I would ask it to make my cat not hate people so much and for a green thumb so when I planted my garden everything would grow not just a couple things.

Any sponsors, causes, projects you are involved in that you want to share with our world wide web audience?
I am involved with POW- Protect Our Winters and B4BC-Boarding 4 Breast Cancer.