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  • Max Warbington
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Mens Ams Team

Max Warbington

Age: 19
Location: Bend, OR
Crew: Tre Squad

Max Warbington hails from a farm near Bend, OR.  When he’s not destroying all terrain on his snowboard he’s probably riding a camel or llama like Napoleon Dynamite off in to a central Oregon sunset.  He’s equally at home dropping first at the Downtown Throwdown, or first tracks in to a chute, or first off the big jump at High Cascade.  He’s also the first son, with younger brother Gus in the wings, together they make up “The Flying Warbingtons”!

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Weird Cinema

Shorts & Shades 6

Featuring the ripping of: Austin Ford, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Lucas Wachs, Will Dennis, Justin Sampson, Jake Foster, Alex Lopez, Jordan Rymer, Desiree Melancon, Tanner Annichiarico, Dylan Craig, Kenny Strofe, Connor Turney, Demetri Bales, and some legendary dude on a lamar board.

Filmed by Max Warbington & friends. Edited by Max & Gus Warbington

Free Birds

Free Birds is a snowboard film created by Max Warbington, Gus Warbington & Logan Beaulieu.

Starring Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Tucker Andrews, Blake Paul, JD Dennis, Jake Hjortland, Austin Ford, Chris Luzier, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, Ben Ferguson, Ben Lynch & many more!

Hope you like it. Party on!

Lick The Cat Summer Break The Movie

This Must Be The Place

Curious Questions and Answers

What’s your name and what crew do you rep?
I am Max Warbington and I rep Tre Squad & Lick The Cat for life.

What’s weird to you? Is your weird normal and your normal weird? 
What is weird to YOU?? I think I have pretty normally weird perception of weirdness. or maybe I am just weirdly normal in a weird sort of way. Who can really say?

Do you ever make magic while getting wild in a weird way? Explain.
Lick. The. Cat. look it up.

Technology is important. Do you use it? Is your board so technologically advanced that it has become a sentient being with a soul and if so are you worried that it will rebel and enslave you and if so who is riding who?
I back any new tech the Mervin heads put out! I have ridden the Rider’s Choice since it was a straight up normal camber board. I can honestly say that with each new addition to the technology the board just keeps getting better. I will ride Magne-Traction till the day I die! As far as artificial life in the form of snowboards goes, we will just have to wait and see haha. Maybe someday you will just tell your board what trick you wanna do and it will do it for you? That would be tight.

How many backflips did you do today? Are you currently upside down?
Well I was just skating so I ate shit and rolled head over heels at least a few times. Does that count?

Name your three favorite essentials for going out in “the wild” on a split mission. Three essentials for getting weird? Three essentials for making magic? That’s nine essentials.

Split mission:

  1. A split board that works correctly.
  2. A general idea of where you’re headed.
  3. Weaponry/explosives always guarantees a good time.

Getting Weird:

  1. Pinski
  2. The correct setting for weirdness (festivals, gatherings, the woods, the mountains, parties…)
  3. A good crew/good supplies.

Making Magic:

  1. A very high level of stoke within your posse.
  2. The right event to allow all the magicians to come together (opening/closing day, Shorts & Shades, ProTech Pool Party, King Of The Road…)
  3. Some camera wizard there to document the insanity and spread the magic to the world.

Who or what do you want to thank? Sponsors, individuals, spirits etc
I gotta thank my Mom and Dad first and foremost, they are awesome. I wanna thank Gnu, Bent Metal, Airblaster, Dragon, POW gloves, Mt. Bachelor, Side Effect Boardshop, Crab Grab & Cobra Dogs for supporting me and being rad companies. I gotta thank my brother, my girlfriend and most of all all my homies: Logy, Lucas, J Dank, Blizzard, Slizzard, Siebs, Stax, Spenny, Skrilly, Writt, Big Jerm, Proddi, Grampa Tuck & all the rest of the crew for keeping it real.