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Temple Cummins

Temple Cummins is a snowboard purist who epitomizes the lifestyle and culture of a Northwest adventure seeker, family man and progressive billy goat.  With a lifetime of experience and patient knowledge behind every turn he carves in to the mountain it’s no wonder he’s a four time Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom champion.

Name: Temple
Age: ing
Location: NORTH OP
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Cat’s Name: Whiskers (rip)
Gear Setup: Billy Goats

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Temple Cummins spends part of his winter traveling to the Cascades and Rocky Mountains evaluating the best snowboarders in the world. He’s part of a “judgmental panel” which includes legendary snowboarders Andy Hetzel and Tom Burt. Despite his travels to exotic lands, Temple finds the best powder right in his own back yard. Literally. Here’s some highlights from Temple’s 11/12 season. If I were to judge a judge, I would say Temp rates extremely high on execution, fluidity and speed. – Tim “stanny-stantech” Stanford

Cameras/Edit – Stantech
Iphone video – Temple Cummins/Barrett Christy-Cummins/Burkles
Directors – Stantech/Temple Cummins
Music – The Lonesome Billies “Useless Bay” http://thelonesomebillies.com/

Temple Talks Splits

Temple Cummins has been exploring some new terrain with his brand new Split board pro model.

Curious Questions and Answers

I know you go on a lot of TRIPS, but what was your favorite TRIP this winter?
Baker, Bird, Baldface, and winter is one big trip.

Do you like to get weird, if so why and what do you do, if not why not? Whats Weird?
I am not that in to PDW’s.

What terrain is your preferred? I like sand boarding myself.
Any smooth terrain.

Whats an average day in your life right now?
A weather check or two. Gardening, and general handy man stuff.

Optimist / Pessimist? Realist? Weirdest?

Do make a living off the snow?
On the snow.

What does Gnu mean to you?
Washington AND American Pride

Besides Shredding, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy canoeing on fool moons. you?
Mowing grass. Poisoning moles.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
Bowls of Cheerios. Surf or snow.

Favorite Gnu Board? and why?
Billy Goat rips all terrain harder than any ’cause its damp.

Currently listening to?
Ayla screeching

Currently looking at?

Favorite website or blog? are you in INSTA-WEIRD, whats your user name?