Max Warb’s Brain Bowl Sessions

Max Warbington introduces a new community shred project / event / video series… the Brain Bowl Sessions! With the early snow, they already popped one off in the high desert… watch now! And tune into @brainbowlsessions to get involved with an upcoming sesh!

From Tre Squad:

“Brain Bowl Sessions are each about a week long from starting the build to finishing filming. Anyone is invited to come up and join in on the action. Follow @brainbowlsessions on instagram to stay up on when & where the next bowl will be. We hope to throw these little set ups together wherever we go this season and leave them behind for the community to look after and enjoy. Follow the account, stay informed, and we hope to see you at a session this winter! Also be ready for Brain Bowl 2! Whenever it’s ready it will drop.”

Brainbowl Session Three went down in soggy Government Camp. Max, Forest, Gus, Naima, Brendan and crew find the goods in the woods!

Filmed & edited by Logan Beaulieu aka El Patchpimp aka Tre Squad.

Tim Zimmerman Session 3 photo gallery:

Session 2

Session 1

Max Warbington rides his signature Gnu board the Finest!

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