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Magically Fun Twin Freestyle

The B-Nice is nice because it simply makes riding easier. And like all things nice, it makes you look and feel good too. The Banana and Magne-Traction combo works magic on any slope, and the friendly flex makes you smile. The B-Nice is an easy choice for entry level rippers, but it is playful and fun for riders of all levels. Classic Banana and a softer flex make it catch-free and loose for freestyle fun or floating in powder. Take advantage of the Magne-Traction edges to effortlessly link turns that look and feel nice whether they are at high speeds or slow and controlled.

  • Award Winning!
  • 2013 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood
  • BTX
    Contour BTX
  • Sizes 142, 145, 148, 151, 154
  • Shape True Twin
  • About the Art

    Molten Magic Graphic:
    Alicia Tormey is a painter from the Northwest who is best known for her unique use of materials and painting techniques. She explores nature and the unseen force of the elements in her encaustic paintings. This gorgeous B-Nice graphic resides somewhere between abstraction and realism, fire and water, hot and cold. She captures the Gnu magic beautifully, and the desire to connect to newly discovered places on a very nice board. Aliciatormey.com

    Lucky Joy Graphic:
    This Chinese paper cut inspired graphic was created by the Portland based design duo Jolby. Jolby is part Josh Kenyon and part Colby Nichols. They try to achieve two goals within the work they create: “Tell a memorable story” and “make people smile”. This B-Nice will give you lots of memorable stories to tell, and it will definitely make you smile.

  • Co-Lab Binding

Board Tech

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  • Weird Science
  • Construction - Handbuilt by Snowboarders with Jobs
  • Magne-Traction Edge Grip - "Turns Ice Into Powder"
  • Make Magic - Magic
  • Weird Wood - GNU Sustainable Natural Fiber or SNF
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
142 106 7 27 23.7 27 18.5"-23.5" / 0" 4 60-130 +
145 108 7.8 27 23.4 27 18.5"-24"/0" 4 70-140 +
148 112 7.9 27.8 23.8 27.8 18.5"-24"/0" 4 80-160 +
151 114 8.1 28 24 28 18.5"-24"/0" 5 90-180 +
154 116 8.3 28.3 24.5 28.3 18.5"-24"/0" 5 100-210 +
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Rider Interview

Name: Kelly Underwood
Astro sign: Taurus
What year did you start riding: 2001
Goofy/Reg?: Goofy Stance: 20” / -16° Back /16° Front

Tell me a story about a day on your board:
My first experience at Ms. Superpark was all time and getting to meet and ride with all the shred ladies was awesome! In the morning while the speed was good, I played on the kickers and felt completely stable thanks to Magne-Traction. As the snow softened up, finding lines on the jib island was the place to be. I love the ease and connection I feel with my B-Nice, the banana tech allows immediate responsiveness on the rails so I could finish out the days confident and strong.