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Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over €75

Ladies Choice

EC2 BTX Jamie's Winning Tech Freestyle Combo

SIZES 145.5 148.5 151.5 153.5

  • 2015 Snowboard Canada Magazine – Grade Eh
  • 2015 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood

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The Lady has chosen, and she wants it all! Jamie Anderson chooses to bring her love, intention, positive attitude, A Game, and her Ladies Choice to snowboarding’s highest level competitions around the world. The Ladies Choice has been Jamie’s go to board since it was born. Her feedback has led to our most technologically advanced freestyle board in the line, and a proven winner in slopestyle events.

Points of Pickle

  • Deeper Heel Side Sidecut
  • Asymmetric “Pickle Barrel” Core, Softer Heel Side Flex
  • Asymmetric Contact Angles, Shorter Heel Side Edge Contact
  • Asymmetric Tip and Tail Shapes

Jamie achieves maximum pop and reliable stability with Elliptical C2 twin geometries. The Ladies Choice is a magical selection of the premium Gnu technologies all combined into one board, proving you can choose to have it all!

Art by Sarah King

Weird Science

  • EC2 BTX

    EC2 BTX Icon

    Rocker between your feet combined with mellower elliptical cambers out to the contact. The perfect middle ground between BTX and C2 BTX. Kills everything!

  • Magne-Traction

    Magne-Traction Icon

    Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

  • Twin

    Twin Icon

    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction

    Construction Icon

    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the U.S.A by weirdos with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • A.S.S. Tech

    Asymmetric Symmetric Synchronization, uses asymmetry in the boards sidecut, wood core components, contact angles and tip and tail design to make riding a whole lot easier.

  • Asym Core: 1

    Pickle Barrel Blend. Great Lakes Aspen and Columbian Gold adds Polonia (extremely renewable, ultra-lightweight wood) to the heel side edge for a softer heel side flex.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Co-Extruded Topsheet

    A tough and eco-sublimated topsheet.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Sizing Information

Contact 109

Side Cut 8.1 / 7.8

Nose Width 27.9

Waist Width 24

Tail Width 27.9

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 4.5

Weight Range 60-140 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.2 / 7.9

Nose Width 28

Waist Width 24.2

Tail Width 28

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 80-160 +

Contact 114

Side Cut 8.3 / 8

Nose Width 28.5

Waist Width 24.4

Tail Width 28.5

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 90-180 +

Contact 116

Side Cut 8.3 / 8

Nose Width 28.6

Waist Width 24.4

Tail Width 28.6

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 90-180 +

  • KO

    Hey, I currently ride a dude’s traditional camber board (149), it’s aggressive . I’m looking for something a bit more playful that’s good for stomping big hits & easy to spin, can charge fast without chatter on hard-packed, good for bit of pipe, a bit of rails. Too much to ask for in one board? Is the rocker on this one too much?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    This is the board for you!
    The EC2 will feel more playful and fun than a men’s camber board, making it a great option for jibbing
    But we put some really nice wood into the core as well as some nice fibers to absorb vibration and add pop, so it will feel solid on big landings and at high speeds.
    The Smart ASS Pickle Tech (asymmetry) will make deep carves and spins feel a lot more natural and intuitive.

    It’s truly a quiver killer…I’ve been riding it since its release a few years ago, and I was honestly blown away by how well it performs…it’s really fun and forgiving, while still being aggressive and powerful. I’ve never ridden anything like it, and I would HIGHLY recommend it.

  • vani

    Hi ,
    i have a question are the gnu B real snowboard bindings 100 % compatible with the ladies choice ??

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Yes, they’re 100% compatible!

  • vani

    Thanks :)

  • Michelle Schlanger

    Hi, i am surfer from Brazil, doing Snowboard, and making film from brazil, it was possible to send me a direct contact for discounts and talkin about

  • BB

    can i ride this board goofy? left leg back?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi BB,
    Yes you can!
    This board is a true twin and the nose is the exact same has the tail–it just has a designated heel edge, which has more sidecut, a more pronounced Magne-Traction and a softer flex.

  • BB

    awesome thanks! also- this board can be used for all mountain riding? not just in the park?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Absolutely, it dominates the entire mountain with ease!
    It’s got our EC2 base contour, which means Banana (reverse camber) between the binding inserts with a mellow elliptical camber underfoot. The Banana is awesome for floating through powder and catch-free fun in the park. While the camber will add a lot of pop and stability.

    It’s pretty much the perfect blend of it’s playful and fun, yet still powerful and aggressive!

  • Iveta

    Hi, can you in short explain me, how is the difference between B-pro and Ladies choice? I’m used to ride agressive in high speed. Which from these two, can you recomend me for that riding style? Thanks

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Iveta,
    The B-Pro is wider, stiffer, camber dominant and completely symmetrical.
    It will feel powerful, aggressive and unforgiving.

    The Ladies Choice has Banana (reverse camber) between the binding inserts with a mild, elliptical camber underfoot.
    It has Smart ASS Pickle Tech which means a deeper sidecut, more pronounced Magne-Traction, and a softer flex on the heelside.
    It will feel fun forgiving and playful–yet still aggressive enough to take anywhere.

  • troy miller

    hi gnu, the mens park boards are too big for me. i only weigh 110pounds. my boot size is 11. i need a small board for park so is it possible for me to use this ladies choice board if im a guy?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Troy,
    Check out the Gnu Space Case or Smart Pickle, or the Lib Tech Box Scratcher–these are all men’s boards available in small sizes!
    And they’ll perform beautifully in the park!

    The Ladies Choice will be too narrow for a men’s size 9 boot and you’ll get toe drag.

  • troy miller

    ohhh i see. thank you so much! i’ll deffinately look into those boards

  • Christine

    Hey there, considering this board as my 3rd owned. Goofy rider, started with a Burton Feather -> K2 Lunatique. I weigh 65kg, and 169cm tall. I love fun all mountain (not much pow) and want to keep progressing in park. Would this be the board for me? I’ve got a size 8 boot. Thanks!

  • mel

    I like all this has to offer, but I like to ride switch sometimes… this board isn’t completely twin is it?

  • Taly

    Hey, I’m only 5″2 and weigh 51kg…. will the 145 board be too much? Im only an intermediate rider. Please make a smaller one!!

  • JenniferMarie718

    I’m 5’7″, 145 lbs. Size 8 boot…what size board should I get?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    151.5 will probably be the most versatile size for you–though you could go up if you intend on riding more powder or just want to go suuuuper fast, and you could size down for a more jib-friendly board

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Christine,
    Yes this sounds like the perfect board for you to progress on!
    The 148.5 will be really awesome for riding in the park, but it will still be big and stable enough to take anywhere on the mountain!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Taly, I think you could ride the 145.5 without any issues! But I agree, in the future it might be nice to offer the Ladies Choice in a smaller size.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    100% twin, just mount your bindings with the heels facing the designated heel edge (there is an arrow indicating which is which)

  • Jamie

    I am 5’7 and 155 pounds. I do ride more powder/mountain than park so should I go for the 153.5? Thank you!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Yeah the 153.5 sounds perfect!

  • vani

    What bindings would you recommend me to this snowboard

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Vani,
    The Gnu B-Free binding would pair up really nicely with the board!
    But I’d also recommend going in to your local snowboard shop with your boots and seeing what fits well with them and what is easiest to get off and on.

  • vani

    Thanks :)

  • Henry

    Looking at the Ladies choice for the Mrs. She is an intermediate who rides a bit of everything, but loves powder. She’s 5’9″ 140 with a size 8 boot. 151.5 or 153.5?

  • Tracy


    I am an advanced rider and I ride the entire mountain, but prefer to spend most of my time doing moguls. First, I am wondering if the Magne-Traction Technology will make the board more likely to catch edges on the side of moguls, thus making riding moguls more difficult. Second, I am wondering which of all the GNU Ladies boards best suits a mogul-rider? And third, I am wondering if I currently ride a 147, what size should I get? (I generally prefer a bit shorter in order to make moguls easier, but I worry that 145.5 is too short…)

    Thank You!!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Henry!
    The 151.5 will feel more versatile and excel everywhere–it’ll be small enough to maneuver through tight places, jib-friendly, stable at high speeds and big enough to float through powder.
    The 153.5 might feel a bit more cumbersome, but it will be incredible in the powder and extra stable!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Tracy,
    I think I spoke with you on the phone yesterday, I think you’ll love the 148.5.
    But you could also check out the B-Pro 149 for a more aggressive ride.

  • mya

    do u have this board anywhere in canada or the USA in a 145.5cm

  • Em

    Hey wondering if you can help. Im an intermediate rider, love the mountain and park but spend most of my time in park on jumps vs. rails. Im wondering if this would be a good fit. Im currently riding the burton feather and desperately want to step up. Also, im 115 lbs, 5,5… not too sure what size would work.

    Thanks for the help!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    I think you’ll probably be the most happy with the 148.5–it will be small enough to jib with and spin/twirl around on jumps, yet still stable and big enough to ride on the entire mountain.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Mya,
    We’re all sold out, but you may be able to find one at your local shop or with an online retailer.
    It is late in the season and this is one of our best selling women’s models, so it might be a tough one to locate…but we also make this board in a Gold Edition, and you might have an easier time finding that one.

  • Catt

    HI Gnu! I have been riding a b-nice board (153) for many many years. I am looking for a new board. I am looking for something fun and easy to ride I demoed a ladies choice on whistler last weekend in a 148.5 and it was a ton of fun. I am wondering if it is what you would recommend and what size would be good. I am 5’8″ size 9 boot and 170-180lbs. Should I go for the 153.5 or do you think i need a bigger size?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hey Catt!
    The 153.5 sounds like it will be the perfect size for you, especially since that’s what you’ve been riding.
    But if you spend a lot of time in the terrain park, you could even consider downsizing to the 151.5.

  • Hannah

    Hi I’m looking at getting either ladies choice or velvet gnuru, am intermediate rider mostly groomers and off piste and only a bit of park . Which board would suit me best? Also what size would be good I’m 5’5 125 pounds size 7 boot . Thanks heaps !

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Hannah!
    I think you will be extremely satisfied with either board.
    You’ll get more tech with the Ladies Choice, though. The asymmetry will make turning and spinning feel more intuitive and natural, the core will absorb vibration better than the Velvet Gnuru and the base will be slightly faster and more durable.
    But both boards have our EC2 base contour which is insanely fun and easy to ride in any terrain!

    I’d probably recommend the 150 in the Velvet Gnuru and the 148.5 or 151.5 for the Ladies Choice.

  • Josef

    Hi guys .I need help with board size…My girl has size 9 boot… Will she get toe drag? We are thinging about Ladies choice 153.5 or smart pickle 153w…. What’s better way guys thanks…

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Josef,
    A women’s size 9 boot is the equivalent of a men’s 7…so she definitely won’t need a 153W Smart Pickle–it’d be pretty difficult to turn and get on edge. The 151.5 or 153.5 Ladies Choice will be just fine. Both of those sizes have the same waist width. She could honestly probably ride the 148.5, too! That one is only very slightly narrower.

    But if she wears a men’s size 9 boot, then she might be better off on a standard width (non-wide) men’s board, since they tend to be a little wider than women’s specific boards.

  • Josef

    She has 9 girl boots