Ladies Choice

$559.95 USD

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Twin Asym. Sym.Sync. Rider Designed Freestyle

The Ladies Choice continues to be the choice for high performance freestyle ladies. Embrace your weirdness and choose the LC for your expressive tool this season. For 13/14 we combine the best of all techs to make a board that’s truly ready for anyone and anything. With EC2 BTX, Magne-Traction and smart A.S.S. Pickle Tech, balance through asymmetry is achievable for the pro in all of us. Elliptical C2 twin geometries provide pop and stability for aggressive lines on the mountain or in the park. Find balance through asymmetry and dream big with the Ladies Choice!

  • 2013 Snowboard Canada Magazine – Grade Eh
  • EC2 PBTX
    Contour EC2 PBTX
  • Sizes 145.5, 148.5, 151.5, 153.5
  • Shape Asym Twin
  • About the Art

    Sarah King lives the life people dream of. Artist, snowboarder, surfer, world traveler, free spirit. Her use of text in her artwork conveys messages that give depth to the pretty pictures, making you think about the bigger picture, and the world we live in. For 13/14 she’s given the Ladies Choice a world of balanced opposites. Night and day, ocean and mountain, all come together from nose to tail as she describes the path water takes from sky to mountains, down rivers and creeks to the ocean and back. The Ladies Choice is even more balanced than ever with new improved technologies so it deserves a graphic that makes sense of the universe and makes you feel balanced just strapping into it.
    See more art at

  • Co-Lab Binding

Board Tech

  • Weird Science
  • Construction - Handbuilt by Snowboarders with Jobs
  • Magne-Traction Edge Grip - "Turns Ice Into Powder"
  • A.S.S. Pickle Technology - Asym. Sym. Synchronization.
  • Make Magic - Magic
  • Weird Wood - GNU Sustainable Natural Fiber or SNF
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
145.5 111 8.1/7.8 27.9 24 27.9 18"-23.5"/0" 4.5 60-140 +
148.5 113 8.2/7.9 28.2 24.2 28.2 19.24"-24"/0" 5 80-160 +
151.5 115 8.3/8.0 28.4 24.4 28.4 19.24"-24"/0" 5 90-180 +
153.5 117 8.3/8.0 28.5 24.4 28.5 19.24"-24"/0" 5.5 90-180 +
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Rider Interview

Name: Maribeth Swetkoff-Kramer
Astro sign: Libra What year did you start riding: 1997
Goofy/Reg?: Regular Stance: 20″ / -12 ̊ Back / 18 ̊ Front

Tell me a story about a day on your board:
I remember the first day that I rode the Ladies Choice 148.5 last season. It was a warm, sunny, spring feeling day in January in Mammoth! They had just finished building the bigger double jump line. I was riding with my husband and a group of guy friends. My board felt amazing under my feet. The C2 Pickle combo on this board made every turn, ollie, and trick feel effortless. The base felt smooth and fast. Even after most of the guys I was riding with said the snow was too slow to continue hitting the double line, my board had no problem holding speed and control in the mushy slush until the very end of the day! I was hitting the big slushy jumps switch and all the guys were shocked that I could still clear the jumps at all. They said it must be the board and I agreed. I think they were all jealous of my Ladies Choice! ;-)