2014/15 Snowboards, Bindings and Apparel now 20% OFF! Free standard shipping on orders over $75

2014/15 Snowboards, Bindings and Apparel now 20% OFF! Free standard shipping on orders over €75

Velvet Gnuru

EC2 BTX All Terrain Quiver Killer

SIZES 139 143 147 150 153

  • 2015 High Cascade – Campers Choice
  • 2015 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood

$449.95 USD

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€449.95 EUR incl. VAT

€359.96 EUR incl. VAT (20% off)

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The Velvet Gnuru is the all terrain freestyle quiver killer. Collecting awards and climbing podiums since its breakout year, it is not about to slow down. Velvet has long been the fabric of the stylishly privileged, now it is our turn to embrace the stuff of luxury and bring a little royal technology to the snow. We take our award winning, user friendly EC2 BTX and Magne-Traction, and pack it into a premium freestyle package for any level of rider. Elliptical C2 twin geometries provide pop and stability, Magne-Traction allows for precise edge control, and the Banana between your feet keeps you catch-free and awesome. The Velvet Gnuru is smooth and stylish, like all things velvet, with a technology combination guaranteed to help you make magic all over the mountain.

Art by Christina Burtner

Weird Science

  • EC2 BTX

    EC2 BTX Icon

    Rocker between your feet combined with mellower elliptical cambers out to the contact. The perfect middle ground between BTX and C2 BTX. Kills everything!

  • Magne-Traction .5

    Magne-Traction .5 Icon

    A mellower serrated edge gives great edge hold with a bit more play in your turns

  • Twin

    Twin Icon

    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction

    Construction Icon

    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the U.S.A by weirdos with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Core Blend: 2

    Great Lakes Aspen (Light, strong, smooth riding, higher density Aspen. The backbone of every Gnu) and Columbian Gold (Strong, poppy, extra-light, golden colored, fast growing farmed wood)

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Co-Extruded Topsheet

    A tough and eco-sublimated topsheet.

  • Co-Extruded Base

    Hard, fast and virtually maintenance free. A Gnu sublimation system exclusive oddity, that loves a good wax but still slides great even when you forget to.

Sizing Information

Contact 103

Side Cut 7.6

Nose Width 26.1

Waist Width 22.6

Tail Width 26.1

Min-Max / Set Back
17"-22" / 0"

Flex 4

Weight Range 40-120 +

Contact 105

Side Cut 7.7

Nose Width 27.2

Waist Width 23.5

Tail Width 27.2

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 4.5

Weight Range 50-140 +

Contact 107

Side Cut 7.8

Nose Width 27.6

Waist Width 23.9

Tail Width 27.6

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 60-150 +

Contact 110

Side Cut 7.9

Nose Width 27.9

Waist Width 23.9

Tail Width 27.9

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 70-160 +

Contact 113

Side Cut 8

Nose Width 28.1

Waist Width 24.1

Tail Width 28.1

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 80-170 +

  • Ian

    My girlfriend is about to purchase this board. She is intermediate rider. Boot size is a salomon 8. She is 5’7″ and 135lbs. Would the 147 be right for her?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Yeah either the 147 or the 150 will be prime for her!

  • Bridget Backhurst

    Hello, I’m looking to get my first GNU but am having trouble deciding on the board. I ride in the park 95% of the time. I currently have a Salomon Gypsy and I love the lightness and flex (flex 5) of that board. I mainly jib – boxes and I have just started riding rails. I hit the small jumps in the park as well. I would LOVE your advice on the best flexy and light Jibbing board please. Also….size advice… I’m 170cm- 52kg. Thank you in advance!!!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Bridget,
    Thanks for reaching out! If you’re stoked on your Salomon Gypsy, but you’re looking for something different that will be awesome for jibbing I’ve got a few recommendations for you:

    1. Gateway in 146: I think this is the board for you. It has our Banana base contour (reverse camber) so it will feel loose and playful like your Gypsy, while still being really poppy and stable at higher speeds and on jumps. It’s also got a kicked up nose and tail for easy pressing and buttering.The sintered base is fast and durable and the sidewalls glow in the dark. Magne-Traction will also change your life, even if you detune your edges and ride them dull you’ll be able to effortlessly hold an edge. Lastly, it has Pickle Tech; a deeper sidecut on the heel edge and softer core makes turning and spinning feel more natural and intuitive.

    2. Velvet Gnuru 147: An awesome and easy board for riding everywhere. Its not our jib-specific board, but you won’t have any problems riding this thing in the park…or anywhere else on the mountain! The EC2 base contour on this will feel slightly more aggressive and less forgiving than the Gateway, and this one does not have Pickle Tech or a sintered base. But some camber underfoot will add a bit of snap and stability to the board.

    3. Ladies Choice 145.5: The most tech-packed ladies board we make! Has all of the greatest features of the Gateway and Velvet Gnuru, with some added ones as well–mainly a lighter/damper core, asym tip and tail for lighter spin weight and shorter contact edge on the heelside.


  • Bridget Backhurst

    Totally appreciate your detailed reply!! You guys are the best! So cool of you to take the time to help me out. Going to check the boards out today in store.. Excited!!!! Thanks again, you guys rule!!!

  • Anna Richards

    Hey, I need some help! I just learned how to snowboard this season and I loved it! I barrowed a new Burton Lipstick 149 consistently for 7 full weekends and I would say I picked it up fairly quickly. I was mobbin’ on blue square runs by our 2nd trip to the moutain. I’m looking to buy a board for future seasons but have been getting all kinds of amature advise and I’m seeking someone with more professional experience. I’m 6′ tall and weigh 160 lbs. I enjoyed the shorter Lipstick board because it seemed easy to flip around but everyone thinks it’s too short for me. I plan on shredding mostly trough trails, I’m not into parks that much. I’ve been looking for a twin directional and camber/rocker/camber type of board. I’m 19 years old and don’t think I’ll be growing anymore. What size board do you recommend? Also, I’m very interested in the GNU Velvet Gnuru or B-pro. Would one of those give me a better ride?

  • lb

    Hi – Whats the main differences between this board and the Ladies Choice. I loved the Ladies Choice board, but I don’t ride the park at all. mostly looking for an all mountain board on and off piste and for both groomed and powder days. I prefer the lighter board. I’m 5’1 and have a super small foot size 5.5 in boots.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Both boards have our EC2 base contour (banana between the feet, mild elliptical camber underfoot), but the Velvet Gnuru has a more basic core and mellower Magne-Tract. The Ladies Choice has Smart ASS Pickle Tech, which means more pronounced Magne-Traction on the heel edge, soft and more flexible wood on the heel edge, deeper heel sidecut and an asymmetrical tip and tail.

    Both boards will be awesome and easy to ride anywhere on the mountain, the Ladies Choice is just a higher performing, upgraded snowboard.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Anna,
    I would HIGHLY suggest the Velvet Gnuru–it will feel a lot more forgiving, fun and easy to ride than the B-Pro which is a super heavy duty, aggressive, camber-dominant board. I think you could ride the 150 Gnuru, but I might steer you towards the 153, as it will offer more stability and allow you to ride more aggressively as you progress your skills!

    Though I would note that both of these boards are true-twin, the Lipstick is too, though. And we actually do not make any directional twin boards. But by adjusting moving your bindings back an insert in the front and back, you can give yourself some setback!

    PS: sorry for the delayed response, it’s a busy time of year for us and our customer service team is tiny! (really, we have one person responding to every comment on our website)

  • Anna Richards

    Awesome…hey thanks for getting back to me. No worries on the delay mate, I understand. And I was thinking about getting the teal b-free bindings. Do you think those are a good match for the velvet gnuru?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Yes, absolutely!
    The B-Frees will be on the stiffer, more responsive end of the spectrum…so if that’s what you’re looking for, they’ll be a great fit. But if you’re looking for something a bit more forgiving and flexy, you should check out the B-Real.

    All in all, bindings are pretty universal. So go with a flex that matches the aggressiveness of your riding, and also make sure that the bindings comfortable fit your boots and are easy to get off and on–nothing is worse than having bindings that hurt your feet or get stuck!

    But one big advantage to Gnu bindings is that they’re rear entry, and insanely easy to get on and off!

  • jen

    hey there, i’m a total beginner, and looking at buying the velvet gnuru 143 OR the smart pickle 144.
    i’m 5 feet 6 inches, and weigh 112 lbs.
    which of these two boards would be easiest for me to learn on?

  • K

    Hi, I have been boarding for 8 years now and can keep up with the guys in regards to speed and but, I want to start doing some park. Im currently riding a Burton Feather size 153 that is pretty old (and heavy for me). Im looking for a board that I can is great for going fast down the mountain that dosent catch any edges, is light and can be used on park. Im 5’7 to 5’8 and weigh about 156. Would you recommend this board and if so what size? I was hoping I could go down a size from my currently board that is a 153.

  • D

    Hello! I’m intermediate rider! I’m 5’9” and 125 lbs. Now I have 151 K2! What size of Guru do I need? 150 or 153?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    If you like the feel of the 151, go for the 150–you probably won’t notice a 1cm difference in length.
    However, if the 151 feels a little small and squirrely, you’ll probably stoked on having a little board board be stoked on the 153!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    I think the Smart Pickle will be easier to learn on–the Gnuru has some camber underfoot, which means it will feel a bit more grabby and harder to intiate turns with. The Smart Pickle has BTX (flat underfoot) and the asymmetery (deeper heel side cut, softer heel flex and more heel Magne-Traction) will be more intuitive,