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Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over €75

Riders Choice

C2 BTX Rider Designed Freestyle

SIZES 151.5 154.5 157.5 161.5 158W 162W 166W

Bases come in random colorways

  • 2015 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood

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Pros know snowboarders are asymmetrical from front to back, and turn mechanics are vastly different from toe side to heel side. Crepel, Warbington, Blake Paul and the Weird Science Team at Gnu have incorporated 4 unique balancing design concepts that harmonize and harness our natural bio-mechanics, and built them into the award winning riders choice.

Points of Pickle

  • Deeper Heel Side Sidecut
  • Asymmetric “Pickle Barrel” Core, Softer Heel Side Flex
  • Asymmetric Contact Angles, Shorter Heel Side Edge Contact
  • Asymmetric Tip and Tail Shapes

C2 Banana camber combo geometries provide confidence building end-to-end stability, pop and control at critical moments, Banana tech provides incredible float in pow and limitless catch free freestyle progression. Your jib board is your pow board and your pow board is your park board!

Art by Tim Karpinski

Weird Science

  • C2 BTX

    C2 BTX Icon

    Rocker between your feet combined with radial cambers out to the contact. Freestyle freedom and carving of rocker between the feet for a more aggressive ride.

  • Magne-Traction

    Magne-Traction Icon

    Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

  • Twin

    Twin Icon

    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction

    Construction Icon

    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the U.S.A by weirdos with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • A.S.S. Tech

    Asymmetric Symmetric Synchronization, uses asymmetry in the boards sidecut, wood core components, contact angles and tip and tail design to make riding a whole lot easier.

  • Asym Core: 3

    Pickle Barrel Blend. Great Lakes Aspen, Rocky Mountain Aspen and Columbian Gold adds Polonia (extremely renewable, ultra-lightweight wood) to the heel side edge for a softer heel side flex.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Sizing Information

Contact 116

Side Cut 8/7.6

Nose Width 28.5

Waist Width 24.5

Tail Width 28.5

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 100-170 +

Contact 118

Side Cut 8.1/7.7

Nose Width 28.8

Waist Width 24.8

Tail Width 28.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 120-200 +

Contact 120

Side Cut 8.2/7.8

Nose Width 29.2

Waist Width 25.3

Tail Width 29.2

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 130-210 +

Contact 120

Side Cut 8.2/7.8

Nose Width 31.1

Waist Width 26.8

Tail Width 31.1

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 130-220 +

Contact 122.5

Side Cut 8.4/8

Nose Width 29.5

Waist Width 25.4

Tail Width 29.5

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 140-240 +

Contact 122.5

Side Cut 8.4/8

Nose Width 31.2

Waist Width 26.8

Tail Width 31.2

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 140-250 +

Contact 125

Side Cut 8.5/8.1

Nose Width 31.3

Waist Width 26.8

Tail Width 31.3

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25" - 25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 150-280 +

  • jj

    Do u know how much this is or was worth

  • jj

    And I’m also looking to sell it where would a good outlet be to get rid of a snowboard

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Last year it was sold at $399.95–you can find what they’re going for now by calling around to local shops or doing some google research. As for selling it, probably craigslist, ebay, or word of mouth.

  • J.P

    Hey guys, can someone help me out.I just picked up a 158w black denim riders choice. I ride goofy but can’t figure out what side is the heel side cut on the board they both look pretty even. I’ve read that one of the edges are meant for heels. Here’s a picture of the board
    thanks for the help

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hey JP,
    I think this board is from our 12/13 season, and we also made it in a blue denim graphic.
    I believe the blue version has a designated heel edge (indicated by arrows next to the binding inserts), as far as I know this black version is a true, 100% symmetrical, non-pickle twin.

    If there are no arrows saying “heels here” it does not have a heel-specific edge.

  • http://www.aol.com phil

    which lib tech board is closest to the riders choice?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    The most similar will be the TRS

  • Roderick


    I’m considering a riders choice or a smart pickle. I ride mainly piste, with some tricks. And occasionaly some powder.

    Which board do you recommend? And what size? I’m 6′ / 165 lbs.


  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Either board will meet your needs!
    The Riders Choice will be more powerful and aggressive, and the Smart Pickle will feel more playful and forgiving.

  • Alex

    I was interested in the riders choice but not quite sure what I should do for sizing. I’m 5’11” 210lbs and wear size 11 boot. Do I need to concern myself with wide sizing? Which length do you think will be most suitable for me?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Alex,
    Size 11 boots are generally okay with a standard width board, but if you have a snowboard already, you may want to see what the waist measurements are and use it to compare and guide you!
    As for length, you’ll be most satisfied with the 157.5 or the 161.5–smaller boards feel more nimble, but can be squirrely at higher speeds and bigger boards will be more stable, but take more effort to maneuver.

    If you’re spending time in the park or jibbing around and want a more playful ride, go for the 157.5
    If you like going fast, riding powder and need something for maximum stability, the 161.5 will be money!

  • E

    That is the wide version with the black denim top. Blue denim was first year with a.s.s. pickle on riders choice and black leather was regular width

  • jereme

    Is the 162w waist to wide for me? Should I go with the 163? I noticed the flex on the 163 is a 7 whereas the 162w has a 6.5 flex. Is the diffrence between them noticeable? is a flex of 7 super aggressive? Please advise. My stats: 6 ft, 245 lbs., size 11 boot.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hey Jereme,
    Size 11 boots are right on the cusp of needing a wide board, so it’s a tough call!
    I definitely don’t think the 162W will be too wide for you; it might take a bit more effort to initiate turns, but the Asymmetrical Pickle Tech will help compensate for some of that and I think that at 245 pounds you might appreciate the extra width of the 162W, it’ll feel more stable than the 161.5

  • biglunk

    Hi, looking at the riders choice to take on a trip, small resort with all natural snow so plently of groomers and pow everyday, not much time spent in the park
    What would you say for a big guy like me – 6’5 and 250lbs with size 14 boots, i’m torn between the 162w or 166w; as its banana people say you can go smaller, but i currently ride a 165w board and thats “small” for me

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    If the 165 feels small for you, I’d probably steer your towards the 166, I think it’ll feel perfect and not small!
    Because of the C2 base contour (camber underfoot, Banana between the feet) and Magne-Traction, this board will handle really well, even in smaller sizes. But the 162W might feel a bit too sqirrely for you, and if you’re not looking for a board to jib and ride park with there really is no need to downsize.

  • stephen

    hi gnu,
    need some help. looking at buying this board soon and wanted a size recommendation. im 5’9 160lbs shoe size 9. would you guys get a 157.5 or the 154.5. Im a cruiser who goes fast all over the mtn and want to start doing some tricks. my previous board was a burton blunt 158 from 2-3 years ago. thanks any help would be appreciated.

  • Gerald

    I’m between the GNU Riders Choice and the Lib Tech TRS. I am an intermediate rider that can comfortably link skidded turns on blues and easy blacks and am starting to carve. I want to get into jumps and freestyling on groomers and some park as well, but will primarily be doing runs and groomers on the mountain. I’ve been using the Carbon Credit, but am looking for a long-term upgrade. Which board do you recommend? I’ve heard the Riders Choice is better for park, whereas the TRS is better for speed. Is this true? Also, is the XC2 of the TRS noticeably less forgiving than the C2 of the Riders Choice? Thanks!

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    If your 158 felt like a good size for you, stick with something similar and go for the 157.5–you probably won’t even notice the .5cm difference. However, if the 158 felt kind of cumbersome, you will probably be more satisfied with the 154.5, as it will be a more nimble and maneuverable board.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Hi Gerald,
    You’ll honestly love either board–they’ve got their own unique technologies and specs, so they will feel different, but they are VERY similar.

    The unique qualties of the TRS are going to be the XC2, basalt fibers, and TNT base. The XC2 will feel a bit more aggressive and responsive than the C2 of the Riders Choice. The basalt fibers will feel extremely lively, light and snappy. The TNT base requires less maintenance than a sintered base, but it will not absorb wax quite as well.

    The Riders Choice has our Smart ASS Pickle Tech, which makes turning and spinning feel more natural and intuitive because of increased sidecut, flex, Magne-traction and effective edge length on the heelside. it also has a sintered base, which will absorb wax better.

  • Andrea Orlando

    Hi i am looking for this board and i would like to know which board is good for me the157,5 or 158 wide my size is 11or 11,5 i have a compact boots like 32 lashed that is 32cm long in the outside shape. Thank you

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Andrea,
    I’d recommend the 158W, particularly with 32 and/or Nike Boots, these two brands tend to have a bigger footprint than a lot of others..so to reduce the possibility of toe drag, go with a wide!

  • Joelers

    Hi guys! I’m currently riding a carbon credit 162w, I’m 230lbs with a size US 11 boot, I’m looking at the riders choice and wondered what size would be best? I ride 32 tm two boots and union pro contacts, so all pretty stiff. I like to charge hard on piste and off.

  • Joelers

    Oh I’m 6’3″ too

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    I’d probably suggest sticking with the same size, and going for the 162W!
    Unless it feels too small or too big, in which case you could size up or down to the 158W or 166W…but I think the 162W will feel the most fun and versatile anywhere on the mountain.

  • Thomas

    Hi I’m 5″10 and 230 lbs, size 10.5 boot size. Which size of riders choice will work better for me? I like freeride more.Thanks.

  • tom iluz

    size 10 and weight 170, the 154.5 is a good boars for me

  • tom

    is a union force is a good choice for this board ?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Yeah! That sounds like a great combo.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Thomas,
    157.5 will offer the most versatility for all-mountain riding…that’s probably what I would recommend!

  • http://www.aol.com phil

    if i stuck with the same board,same size board, but with the wide version, what kind of differences would i feel riding?

  • Thom

    Hi guys,
    I’m in NZ and the new range of Gnu is here. Really keen on an RC, love the graphics and tech. What I’m after some help on is which size to go for. I’m 5″7, 169lb and wear a size 10 salomon boot (sometimes an 11 if other brand). I do a bit of everything but it’s mostly on or around groomers. What size do you recommend? Any other suggestions? I’d really like something with magnetraction and asym.


  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Thom,
    I think the Riders Choice or the Space Case will be the two best options for you.
    Out of the two, the RC is the more aggressive option, with a more dramatic camber underfoot. If you’re looking for something more on the playful end of the spectrum, go for the Space Case–it has slightly less camber for a more playful/forgiving feel.

    I would recommend the 154.5 RC or the 153 Space Case for you–both of those sizes will be fun and versatile anywhere on the mountain.

  • Thom

    Cheers for the advice guys- I went with the 154.5 RC. Now I just have to wait for the snow

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hi Phil,
    A wide board will feel more stable because of the increased base surface.
    However, it will also be a bit heavier and it will take more effort to get the board on edge.

    Unless you’re a bigger human or have big feet (US size 11+), I think a standard width board will be more suitable!

  • Travlinghobo

    Hi, bee snowboarding for years looking at either the space case 159 or RC 157.5. I’m 210lbs and 5’11, agresive all mountain riding mainly but still want playful board on piste. Moving from a Nitro Team 157. Wish the RC came in 159?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hello there!
    I think you will be reallllllly satisfied with either the Space Case or the Riders Choice–they’re both Banana/camber hybrids and can handle absolutely any terrain with ease. The Space Case will feel a bit more nimble and playful, but still insanely poppy and stable. The Riders Choice is a bit more sturdy a tank-like because of the more dramatic camber underfoot. But all in all, both boards are UNREAL.

    If you’re really set on a 159, go for the Space Case. You’ll have tons of fun on it!
    But if you’re concerned about having a really aggressive board, the 157.5 Riders Choice definitely won’t let you down. It may be slightly smaller, but the Magne-Traction and C2 will give it the power aggressiveness of a bigger board.

  • Cookie Puss

    I’m looking to upgrade from the CC, which has been a great board, btw.

    I’m 5’10, 160lb. I’m going into my 3rd year in East Coast. Mostly an 1000′ mountain in Mass with a few trips a year to VT. So east coast groomers.

    More specifics, I’m 44, do some boxes and rails and the smallest of kickers with my son. But at my age I’m not really looking to progress on that aspect other than some simple 180s, etc. Mostly just follow my son through the smaller parks and I’m fine with that.

    What I am looking for is a good carver. Only 3 season in I’m no speed demon, normal cruising in the low-mid 30s I’d guess.

    The RC jumped out as the obvious choice. I like the idea of the asymmetry. I’ve had some people also suggest the TRS and even the Space Case though. What would be the differences in the RC and Space Case?


  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    The Riders Choice sounds like it would be an awesome option for you–it’s a killer all around board, and a little more on the sturdy/aggressive side due to the camber underfoot. The Space Case has a more mild camber underfoot and less Magne-Traction, which gives it a more loose/playful feel. If carving is your number one priority, I think the Riders Choice might be the better option for you. The Space Case will carve just fine, but I’m not sure you’ll want the forgiveness of a mellower, elliptical camber.

    The TRS is also a phenomenal board. and worth taking a look at. The camber underfoot is extended further into the tip and tail, giving it a really snappy feel. It also has basalt fibers which feel lively and absorb a lot of vibration. But if you’re really set on asymmetry, stick with Gnu!

  • pat

    when is the 2016 model coming out?

  • pat

    i’m 6’3 240 lbs size 13 boots, I currently own a carbon credit series 159w .. mainly just ride groomed trails powder and abit of buttering… wondering if I should go for the 158w or 162w .. I like speed too but still want playfulness

  • pat

    nah I mean?

  • pat

    no one works on Sunday?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    If you like your 159W, then there’s no reason to size up the 162W–you probably won’t even notice the 1cm difference with the 158W and you’ll get a lot more power and stability out of the RC, and it will still feel nimble and playful.

    If your 159 feels a little small and/or unstable, you should probably size up the the 162W. It will take more effort to maneuver and control, but you’ll appreciate the extra length at high speeds and when riding powder.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    I believe this site will be refreshed with 15/16 product in August, but we will start shipping boards to retailers in July!

  • pat

    awesome man thanks! and for the 2016 line up? September?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    15/16 product will be available on our website sometime in August. Keep an eye out!

  • pat

    nice thx

  • Bill Miles

    Love the idea of the Asym boards but is there a board that offers a balance between sweetening up the turns but not overly compromise riding switch?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    Hey Bill,
    This board will sweeten your switch turns, too!
    It has a designated heel edge (indicated by some arrows) so you’ll mount your bindings with the heels facing that heel edge and regardless of whether or not you’re riding regular or switch, your heels will still be along the edge with the softer flex, increased sidecut and shorter contact length.